Hey I'm Josh 👋 an entrepreneurial tech leader based in 🇬🇧 London but originally from the south-coast naval town of Portsmouth.

My passion is technology, but not technology for technology's sake. Rather, its inimitable ability to help us progress; to solve problems 🧠, save lives 🧬, protect our planet 🌍, and improve our quality of life 😃.

Technology is a strong lever that enables us to exert more force and influence on the world than we could possibly hope to do so alone... and when used in the right way, it's a fantastic force for good.

We are a now global village, 🤝 and we should be working to lift each other up, rather than tear each other down. For if we have any hope of solving the biggest problems we face today, we must work together.

As a people, our greatest resource is our creativity. I believe every person has creativity inside of them, but due to circumstance not all of us have the opportunity to realise that natural reservoir.

Ultimately I believe technology has the potential to free us from much of the mundane activity and tasks that fill our working lives so that we might focus our time solely on creative problem solving. 🧠

Whilst the mundane tasks are necessary, it's really the creative work that adds the value and this is where our energy should be focussed.

By now you might have guessed I'm an incurable optimist. 😉

I also have a strong passion for protecting the environment. 🌳 I believe this is our responsibility and not something we can shirk, for our own sake as much as anything else.

Climate change is happening, that much is undeniable; but it's not the fact it's happening that's important, but rather the rapidity of change. Adapting takes time, for nature, as well as us.

My day-to-day work 👨‍💻 involves managing software engineering and product teams to solve problems. I'm also hands-on as a full-stack TypeScript, JavaScript, and Node.js engineer. More recently I have begun exploring Go and Rust which are both fantastic modern languages.

In a past life I've also worked with Ruby, Java, PHP, a small amount of C++, and various flavours of BASIC.

I am...

  • an optimist 🤩
  • a futurist 🚀
  • a technologist 🧬
  • a humanist 👁
  • a flexitarian 🌱
  • a skier 🎿
  • a software engineer 👨‍💻
  • an atheist 🔭 - why?
  • a free market capitalist 📈
  • a supporter of Universal Basic Income 💸
  • a tea lover 🍵
  • a coffee lover ☕️
  • an animal lover 🦖
  • a blogger ✍️
  • a weightlifter 🏋️‍
  • an ENTJ-T personality 🧠 - what?

"Press forward the human genius.
 Our future is greater than our past."  - Ben Okri.